i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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The world believes we’re based on lies

Nothing more than naïve attraction

But I cant deny what I feel inside when your

Endless eyes burn so alive

Causing a reflected stare to bear through mine

Yet I’m inclined to ignore what’s there,

All because order has no care for what freedom offers;

It denies the affair

Leaving me in mental delusion

Heart and soul under shameful intrusion

As if my being

 Has no say

And is led to betray its final conclusion.


That’s where we stand

A promise I have no doubt was planned

Before I even knew the touch of your hand

I’ll write it out in the sand


As large as I can

So all will know that I’m sinking

Falling and still proceeding to find you

Even though the darkness can be so deceiving

Always I’m reaching for that vision with patient precision

And I fear not the incision you’ve left on my heart.

Let us grow

Let us start beyond what this haze has created

And once again I’ll gaze past what is jaded

Into the eyes of what is clear

And with each blink you draw more near

Breathing a language no one but us can hear

Blue and green

I hold so dear

Encompassing pupils that expand with the formation of tears

I’m left speechless

For I see heaven

Despite all the bleakness

Blue and green

Green and blue

Have led me to what is love

And what is love is what is true

No one will ever exceed

Or even perceive

What I’ve found in you.

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